Frictionless Data

Events which are being attended/contributed to by Frictionless Data

  • For the 21st Century researcher, there is an ever growing expectation to participate in open research.
    Open research is much more than open access. It is about making all aspects of the research process open to all possible interested parties. It involves innovative approaches to communicating results and sharing outputs. It is about accessibility, inclusivity, citizen science, public engagement, radical transparency, reproducibility, data sharing, social media and more.
    Supported by the British Academy, this event aims to inspire and educate researchers across all disciplines on how to benefit from opening up their research. Attendance is free and includes lunch.

    Keynote by Jo Barratt, ‘Towards a Frictionless Data Future’

  • A community conference for open source data featuring stories about data sharing and data analysis from
    science, journalism, government, and open source.